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About the Firm

Who we are
We are an independent Polish law firm.
Since our founding we have steadily increased our potential. We currently employ more than a dozen lawyers, and in order to provide comprehensive legal services we cooperate with taxation law firms and law firms throughout Poland and abroad.


What we do
Based on the knowledge, experience and commitment of our lawyers we provide a broad range of legal assistance to Polish and foreign legal entities and individuals.

We boast long-term, comprehensive legal assistance of dozens of companies engaged in economic activities in all areas of economic life.

We have successfully conducted a number of processes to optimize business activity and corporate restructuring, including several tax optimization procedures resulting in multi-million dollar tax savings.

We successfully represent our clients in numerous complex legal and administrative proceedings. We also help in finding alternative, non-judicial ways to resolve disputes.


What Sets Us Apart
We provide an individual approach to each legal problem. In providing legal assistance we do not limit ourselves to indicating to our customers the legal rules governing specific areas of their business, but we try together with them to seek optimal solutions, economically beneficial and tailored for the customer.

In our Firm you will find not only lawyers providing services at the highest level, but above all partners, on whom you can always count, who can understand every legal problem and solve it effectively.