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The Law Office offers its Clients flexible forms of settlement, tailored to the nature of the outsourced activities and complexity of the case, taking into account the time necessary to complete assigned tasks. We strive to establish such principles of remuneration fixing that will be clear and transparent for our Clients, and allow determination of its final amount at the stage of entrusting the Law Office with the case.

The basic forms of settlements with Clients used by the Law Office include:

  • The Law Office offers a monthly lump sum, including a number of lawyers’ hours agreed upon, for constant legal services provided to the entrepreneurs. Once the agreed limit of remuneration is exceeded, the remuneration will be determined on the basis of hourly rates.
  • The Law Office proposes to determine the remuneration on the basis of the statement of lawyers’ hours for consulting related to the investment projects and real property transactions
  • We propose the remuneration divided into a lump sum and a part calculated as a fee for success, which is an essential part of the entire remuneration, for cases involving tax and financial optimization.
  • Providing legal assistance to individual Clients – natural persons, including the return of expropriated real properties, the Law Office suggests that the Clients should agreed upon the remuneration based on not exorbitant lump sum and an additional bonus for gained success due at the end of the case.