Real Property Law

One of the main activities of the Law Office is the provision of complex legal advice on trading in real properties. Our activities include in particular:


  • legal assistance in efforts to acquire a real property, including the audit of the legal status of a real property,
  • regulating the legal status of real properties, including in order to allow development in accordance with the intended commercial purpose of a real property
  • development of an optimal form of real property acquisition or disposition in terms of law and tax,
  • preparation of contracts to buy or dispose a real property,
  • preparation of contracts related to the development, management and the commercial use of a real property, including drafting of lease agreements, tenancy agreements, agreements for use and other agreements related to giving a real property for temporary use,
  • preparation of and negotiation related to agreements to provide financing to buy a real property and investment,
  • advising on the establishment and restructuring of collateral on real properties,
  • advising for investors in the field of real property development, in particular the preparation of and negotiation related to the contracts with contractors involved in the construction process, involvement and support in the selection of contractors,
  • consulting for real property agents, as well as designers and other consultants and building contractors during the preparation, negotiation and performance of executed contracts,
  • consulting and carrying out the activities to achieve administrative decisions necessary to implement the investment,
  • representing before government and local government authorities, as well as before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, to the extent related to such issues as the investment process carried out on a real property, setting fees planning, expropriation of a real property.


What makes us different:

We have an individual approach to each case.