Medical and pharmaceutical law

  • legal assistance in setting up, transforming and winding-up of medical companies and individual medical practices
  • permanent and ad hoc legal services for medical entities, pharmacies, doctors, pharmaceutical wholesalers,
  • drafting of documentation related to the process of granting of health services,,
  • preparing, reviewing contracts, Organisational Regulations, Statutes, orders related to the activities of medical entities,
  • participation in tenders for the execution of medical services,
  • reviewing and preparation of draft contracts with doctors and nurses, and advice on matters arising from the employment relationship with medical staff,
  • representation of clients in court proceedings in so-called medical damages cases in relation to a hospital and/or hospital insurer,
  • representation, in and out of court, of medical entities, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers in proceedings befored: .
    1. – National Health Fund
      – Head Pharmaceutical Inspector
      – provincial pharmaceutical inspection authorities
  • providing legal assistance on the protection of personal data..

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