Financial and Tax Optimization

We understand that our Clients seek to optimize their business in tax and legal terms. To meet Clients’ expectations the Firm provides them with proven solutions that allow them to select the most favorable form of taxation of business activity. As a result of this cooperation, we offer our Clients:

  • development of optimal forms of economic activities from the taxation perspective and implementation of business projects,
  • selection of optimal forms of disposals of assets from the tax perspective, in particular real estate, corporate and business interests,
  • participation in the development of optimal tax structures, including taxation using entities established in the tax jurisdictions of foreign countries,
  • legal and tax audits of companies and implementation of compliance programs,
  • preparation of proposals concerning the interpretation of tax law,
  • assisting in the preparation of documentation concerning transfer pricing,
  • tax optimization of investment processes,
  • advice on the selection of optimal forms of financing economic activity.

How we stand out:
We are flexible, while respecting existing rules.