Court proceedings, disputes, collection of receivables

The Firm is engaged in representing clients in numerous litigation and arbitration disputes. However, before a dispute is settled by the institutions established for this purpose, we make every effort consistent with the interests and expectations of our clients to resolve the dispute at the pre-trial stage under negotiation, mediation or arbitration, achieving considerable success in this regard.
Our actions in the abovementioned area include in particular:

  • representing Clients in extrajudicial forms of dispute settlement, including mediation and arbitration proceedings;
  • representing Clients in litigation before courts, among others in: civil law including in particular: contractual and tort liability (damages), protection of personal rights, dangerous product liability, property rights;
  • labor law and social security;
  • economic law and corporate law;
  • protection of intellectual and industrial property;
  • antitrust and unfair competition law;
  • enforcement of contracts and redress arising therefrom;
  • debt collection;
  • representing Clients in judicial and administrative proceedings in all types of cases pending before administrative courts.

How we stand out:
We are effective.